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Brands for Better Foundation and Amplify Canada Merger

June 5, 2024

Brands for Better Foundation is thrilled to merge with student-led non-profit organization Amplify Canada, becoming a powerful unified force with a joint mission to boost Vancouver impact work.

Operating under the Brands for Better Foundation, the merger leverages their combined resources and networks to offer educational opportunities, youth mentorship and student involvement in community impact initiatives. This partnership aims to foster a new generation of community-minded leaders.

Karla Peckett, Founder and Executive Director of Brands for Better Foundation, and VP Brand at Founding Brand SOLE/ReCORK, emphasized the importance of experiential learning and mentoring in fostering civic responsibility among youths. “Engaging youth in service early helps them develop leadership skills and a sense of responsibility that they can carry into their future careers,” said Peckett.

Brands for Better Foundation has been supporting Amplify through consultation and advisory for years. The merger will enable more significant investments in youth engagement across Brands for Better’s innovative projects and initiatives. “Joining forces with Amplify is a milestone in our journey to drive positive local impact,” Peckett added. This merger allows us to expand our reach and effectiveness in engaging youth as future leaders.”

Amplify’s Founder, Nicholas Yee also expressed enthusiasm for the merger, emphasizing their aligned programs on youth and community engagement. “We are thrilled to merge with Brands for Better Foundation, and continue our mission under a shared vision,” said Nicholas Yee, Founder of Amplify. “By connecting young ‘next leaders’ with current professionals we can inspire a dynamic network of changemakers.”

The merger will be completed by the end of June, with seamless integration of relevant programs and teams to ensure continuity and an enhanced experience for all stakeholders. More information about Brands for Better’s upcoming initiatives, can be found here.

About Brands for Better Foundation
Brands for Better Foundation is a volunteer-driven not-for-profit organization based in Vancouver, BC, that unites brands to tackle pressing environmental and social issues in our community. At Brands for Better, we exist to make a bigger change together than we ever could alone. We develop inclusive events and initiatives that inspire brands and individuals to come together to spark positive, measurable action. We are a network of people and brands that care.

About Amplify Canada
Amplify Canada, formally known as Amplify Youth Impact Network, is a student-led non-profit organization dedicated to empowering young individuals with experiential learning opportunities, support and resources fundamental to transforming ideas into scalable impact. Amplify aims to empower youth to get involved, learn about, and take action on social issues outside of the classroom.

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