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Dates: Sept. 28, 2022 and Oct. 5, 2022

Time: 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Location: Vancouver

Want to use your skills for good, but not sure how?

Are you a purpose-driven professional who’s looking for ways to volunteer your time? Are you a brand or organization that offers volunteer hours to your employees? Why not try skill-based volunteering? The best part: it’s flexible, remote and leverages your unique skills and expertise.

The Springboard Program enables you to make a positive impact by connecting your skills to nonprofits and cause-driven organizations in need.

We start by identifying the needs of local nonprofits and social enterprises, everything from a rebrand to a volunteer engagement program. Then we put a call out to you, and all the potential volunteers and brands. We get together to define a project, timeline, and roles – and get to work on the execution!

Brands for Better is here to support you in making a difference in your community – all while building new experiences and networks with impact-minded people.

We make the connection. You unleash your skills. Together, we make change happen.

Meet the causes who need your support!


A Better Life Foundation

Since 2013, A Better Life Foundation has been focused on food security by providing daily meals, training, education, practices inclusive hiring and takes climate change action to make a direct, meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most. Every week, A Better Life Foundation invites neighbours from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside community for a free, 3-course sit-down dinner in the iconic Save On Meats building. They call it Plenty of Plates (POP), teambuilding with purpose, a community meal hosted by volunteer teams who fund the event and prep, cook and serve 80 people a home-cooked, nutritious and delicious meal.

Seeking help with:
· Growing the program
· Awareness campaign
· Repeat retention strategy
· Meaningful referral structure
· ‘Buyer’s guide’ creation
· Website and comms review

Volunteer skills needed:
· Sales and partnership specialists
· Digital marketing specialist with SEO knowledge
· Marketing strategist
· Copywriters, editors
· UX designers
· Graphic designers
· Photographers, videographers, content creators
· Non-profit operations / program management
· Data analysis and research skills
· Incentive design / referral program experience

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Share Reuse Repair Initiative

Share Reuse Repair Initiative is a women-led organization working to creating a circular economy that all Canadians can embrace in their daily lives and livelihoods, that serves as a meaningful waste and climate solution and supports resilient local communities. 

The Share Reuse Repair Initiative (SRRI) brings together government, business, and community innovators to build a culture and economy of sharing, reuse, and repair in the Greater Vancouver region in order to prevent waste, support lighter living and enable circular innovation.

Seeking help with:
· Brand purpose and positioning
· Brand messaging and tone
· Visual brand refresh
· Website revamp/content update
· Launch activation campaign

Volunteer skills needed:
· Brand strategists
· Marketing strategists
· SEO optimization specialists
· Digital marketing specialists
· Copywriters
· Photographers, videographers, content creators
· Web developers
· Web designers
· Graphic designers
· Business strategy and sustainable growth

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Return to Life

Return to Life Strategist, Chaandani Khan is looking to embark on a journey to help people with PPCS return to everyday tasks with ease and efficiency. PPCS (Persistent Post-Concussive Symptoms) is a common injury which is under-reported, under-diagnosed, and the population fighting through these symptoms are greatly under-served. People with PPCS become desperate to reclaim some semblance of their old life and/or abilities. Through one-on-one coaching, speaking engagements and program development, Chaandani will be tapping into her personal experience with a concussion brain injury to help those in need as they return to life.

Seeking help with:
· Business plan creation
· Audience research and needs analysis
· Partner research and planning
· Product/service R&D
· Brand identity

Volunteer skills needed:
· Biz dev specialists
· Biz dev coaches
· Finance planning and forecasting
· Training and program development strategists
· Learning & development specialists
· Market analysts
· Researchers
· Post concussion experts
· Product R&D and product market fit specialist
· Marketing strategists
· Graphic designers
· Photographers, videographers, content creators
· Copywriters

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Volunteer registration is now closed.

Thank you to all the volunteers who have signed up! We will know more about the potential scope of the work once we’ve reviewed the volunteer applications. We then join all interested volunteers and collaborate to get the work done! We anticipate project kick off Bluesky Meetings to begin in March and April. After that, volunteers set the pace based on what they choose to take on. Volunteers will work together to help the cause tackle the tasks needed, and will tap into the available skills and bandwidth of the volunteers to move the dial for the cause in need.